Sunday, September 21, 2014

My favorite scripture

I felt Him here. Always.
My sister Kenzey challenged me to share my favorite scripture and I'm glad she did! My favorite scripture comes from modern revelation given to Joseph Smith in 1832. I believe it applies to me in so many ways!

Doctrine and Covenants 84:88
And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.

I feel God's presence everyday. I feel His Spirit when I stand in awe of His creations. I feel His Spirit lift my heart when I feel inadequate. I feel His angels protecting my children. I feel Him when my children snuggle up to me and share their love so freely. I am grateful to have this knowledge and protection! What a generous and loving Heavenly Father.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Living the dream

Nate was recently offered a great position at work! We were so excited; he's been working really hard for it! That excitement took us up to Midway where we bought a 1990 Jeep Wrangler! We've wanted one forever. And it has opened up so much of the wilderness that we didn't have access to before. The first place we went was my favorite place in the world...the part of American Fork Canyon where Nate proposed!!
June 2010, just moments before he proposed (he's reaching for the ring!)

The same spot 4 years & 2 kids later! We are still so in love with each other and this beautiful place!

This is the camp spot we hung out at the day he proposed. Still gorgeous! Can't wait to come back and really camp.

Having the Jeep is making me think that maybe we don't have to have our cabin in the woods. I can deal with subdivision living if we have more access to more of the mountain like this.

 Y'all. I am most alive among the tall trees. And I hope by dragging the kids along at an early age that they learn to love it too.

Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY Mesh/Water Baby Carriers

I've gotten really excited about babywearing with Colden! Having my hands free with two is amazing! I wear Colden all the time in our Ergo carrier: around the house, on walks, grocery shopping etc. (I use the Moby for back-up but mine gets really saggy.) He falls asleep so quickly while I'm wearing him. Which is super convenient at church. He even nurses sometimes too. (In case you're wondering, I haven't had much luck with this discreetly in public but once I feel really comfortable with it at home, I'll give it a shot!)

With summer here, I knew wearing him would be ideal while chasing Bridger around the rec center pool and splash pads. But using the Ergo or Moby didn't seem practical. I started researching water carriers and joined a local babywearing group on Facebook. I found that DIY mesh carriers were the answer! Since I had so much trouble finding tutorials or tips on how to make these, I'm sharing now about how and what I did to make my own in case anyone wants to make some of their own!

Mesh Ring Sling 
Sewing machine
ballpoint needle (trust me, you'll need this needle. I broke 2 normal needles until I used a ballpoint!)
2.5-3 yards of athletic mesh (aka football jersey mesh)
thread to match
one pair of nylon rings in small (from

I'm not an expert, so I'm not making a tutorial. But here is what I know: I used this video tutorial. I had to re-do the pleats 4 times and then un-picked 2 full seams. Super annoying with mesh! I later learned after meeting another mom who has made several, that you can make these using the "gathered method" and it's 20 billion times easier. Here is a decent tutorial, but basically all you do is pull the end of your fabric through both rings and then fold it back on itself 4+ inches from the rings. Then sew 2-3 straight lines (I would use a zigzag stitch).

My thoughts on the ring sling: I don't love it. Even with a 1 month old, it's uncomfortable and digs into my shoulder.  I find it hard to get Colden sitting comfortably in it.  I've thought about selling it or giving it away but it is nice to have an extra carrier around. And it's so pretty! Watch several good video tutorials on how to wear ring slings if you go this route, they can be tricky.

One thing I really like about this carrier is that I can bunch the tail under the top rail for head support. 

After seeing some moms at a babywearing meet-up with DIY mesh wraps, I decided to give one a try. So glad I did! So much easier to make and a breeze to use.

Mesh Wrap or Water Wrap (my favorite!)
5-5.5 yards or athletic mesh (same athletic mesh as the RS, should be ~60 inches wide)
3-4 inches of ribbon

  1. So you have a choice here,  you could make 2 or 3 wraps. If you make two, you will cut your fabric in half longways to make two wraps that are 30 inches wide and 5 yards long. If you want three, you'll cut twice to make 3 wraps that are 20 inches wide and 5 yards long. I made 3 and find that 20 inches is just fine.
  2. Now find the middle of your wrap. Take your ribbon and sew it on to remind you where the middle is when you go to wrap it. All done! Now you have 1 or 2 extra to keep on hand or to give to a friend!
You wrap this the way you would a Moby. They have several helpful wrapping tutorial videos. I actually bought the end of the bolt and only was able to get 4 yards and 20 inches. With my body type, this works fine. I just tie around behind instead of in the front.

Well I hope this helps anyone looking for a way to babywear in the water! Let me know if you have any questions!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy birth

Breathing through a contraction with the help of my husband Nate and my doula Marcie.
I've become really passionate about the childbirth experience and women's rights in regards to it. I have so many thoughts jumbling around in my mind so I thought I would try to organize them here...

Birth doesn't have to suck! If you've ever been to a baby shower or let's face it, been around a group of women for more than an hour at a time, birth stories are told. I've tried, and I have to really strain to think of a single happy one told in my younger years. We tell them like horror stories. We list all the complications, the doctors' urgent advice, and the pain! Oh the pain! It cannot be adequately described! Your body is being ripped apart! Your husband is in the corner fainting! At the end of each of these stories, we smile down at our children and say, "But oh! It was so worth it to have you!" As they toddle away, we say again, "but the Paaaain!" After I gave birth to Bridger, I understood this. I was stuck in bed, thinking I had to be on the monitors. I slammed my head against the bed until I couldn't take it anymore and asked for an epidural. After that, I was determined to make my next one a better experience!

Another thought on the Horror Birth Story is that women who have had positive birth experiences do not want to make others feel inadequate so they don't share. I wish they would share! Surrounding myself with positive birth stories (in books and on blogs) was one of the best ways I prepped myself for Colden's birth.

All birth stories are valid. They are a part of you and your journey. A healthy mom and baby are what we want out of birth. But they are only a minimum requirement! Ladies, I am hear to tell you that your birth does not have to be a horror story. The Pain does not have to rule your birth. Neither does your doctor. YOU rule your birth. By allowing yourself to go into the Pain, by letting those strong feelings direct how to position yourself during birth, you can have a positive experience. It may not be ecstatic, but it does not have to be terrible. And it does not have to be at the risk of your or your baby's health. A happy birth can happen with an OB/GYN, it can happen in a hospital.

Simply by being free to walk around during labor and choose your birthing position, you can reduce the likelihood of interventions, complications and labor will be shorter. (Evidence for alternative pushing positions here and evidence for movement during labor here and here.)

One of the best ways to experience a happy birth experience is to have continuous labor support from someone that is not your care provider or nurse. Your partner or your mom can give you continuous labor support, but the best outcomes are when the mom has a doula. When a doula offers a mom continuous labor support, she is  less likely to ask for an epidural, 31% less likely to have Pitocin, 28% less likely to have a C-section, 12% increase in a spontaneous vaginal birth and has a 34% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with her birth. Moms who have a doula present are statistically more likely to feel less pain. Isn't that amazing?! (Source.)

This can be a beautiful experience that you think back onto with pleasure, rather than a time you had to endure. Childbirth is a pivotal moment in every woman's life. I want to help make that experience an empowering one! This leads me to my own journey as a doula.  I'm so anxious to get going but while I'm breastfeeding Colden the next year, I am focusing on my doula education and certification as well as doing some shadowing. I love this work and can't wait to really get started! Right now I'm reading Your Best Birth and I find it to be a great starting point for those interested in learning more about having a happy birth experience!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Some photos from Zion National Park when my sister Kenzey and I (and Colden!) visited a few weeks ago. (more on the family blog). We camped at Zion River Resort. The nicest campground I've ever seen!

We were pretty pressed for time, so really we only did two hikes in the two days we were there. On the first day, after strapping Colden into the Ergo, we went for a ways down the Narrows with about a bajillion other people. Pretty amazing stuff! On this adventure, I converted Kenzey to the Gospel of Hiking Poles. They saved us so much grief! The cliffs all around were breathtaking. It was getting dark so we headed back after a mile or so. We didn't get a ton of great photos because I was afraid to take out the big camera.

Kenzey started out slower than a grandma but quickly found her stride and was an excellent hiking companion!

Colden slept practically the whole time he was in the Ergo. Such a good baby! We stopped occasionally for "adventure nursing." ;) I don't really feel like he slowed us down much at all besides when he needed to eat. So many people we passed commented on the fact that I was carrying him on a hike. Well people, it wasn't my first rodeo. We ran into another mom babywearing with the same Ergo as me and we had a great bonding moment :)

The next day we hiked to the Upper Emerald Pools, passing by the Lower and Middle on the way up. This was a gorgeous hike!
Middle Emerald Pool
Upper Emerald Pools

Middle Emerald Pool

Lower Emerald Pool
Lower Emerald Pool
The 3 Patriarchs
We drove through the tunnel and then headed home after a fun two days! This was great introductory trip to Zions. There is definitely lots more to see and do. One day when the kids are older, we will do some more backcountry, technical hikes!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

House dreaming

We've been dreaming about a real house lately. And driving by, we took some sneaky photos of these amazing houses. We would never build anything this massive, but aren't they pretty? I love this style of home! Too bad they are in cul-de-sacs. They belong on a lake!

I've always dreamed of owning a home on a lake. One day baby!

Monday, May 5, 2014

On having two

I didn't know quite what to expect when having a second baby. I've heard some women say they were scared to have another because that would mean loving their first less. This is a thought I have always dismissed and I'm glad I did. Because, at least for me, it's been the opposite!

I love Colden to the moon and back. He is a perfect little baby. I'm so glad he is in our family. But this post is about Bridger. The first time I saw him after Colden was born, he looked like a kindergartener. He seemed to have grown years within the few hours I hadn't seen him. I think this happens to a lot of parents: compared to their new tiny baby, their older children suddenly seem like teenagers. It really is nuts how BIG and grown up Bridger seems now. Things I haven't given much thought are so fun to see now. His hair is so long. After playing outside, it's sweaty and sticks up everywhere. The toddler chub on his legs and feet is so endearing. His hands are squishy and usually dirty. He cocks his head to the side when he talks to us.

But most of all, I love his interactions with his little brother. Bridger comes over and looks at Colden and scrunches his nose, like "isn't he cute mom?" He says, "awwww." He touches each of his features. He pats his head. He plays with his hands. He gives him kisses. He wants to pick him up and hold him. He has to be reminded to be soft very often.

I am so glad we had another baby. These two will such good friends. I can't wait to see what the future brings. But I'm truly enjoying the sweet times now. There are plenty of challenging times with a toddler and newborn, but the love in my heart has grown!