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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I love babywearing! I talked about this briefly in my latest post about baby gear but it merits its own post! I wore Bridger when he was really little and on lots on hikes in our big hiking carrier. But I knew I wanted something a little more functional for when Colden was born. You can't bring a stroller everywhere, it's just not practical.  I remember being pregnant with him and watching other moms who had more than one kid. How were they going about their day? I started noticing moms who wore a baby on their back and thought, that's what I need! I bought an Ergo and here we are a full year+ later and I'm obsessed! It began as a practical way to carry a baby, but has evolved into a lifestyle. I love having my babies close. I'm more aware of their needs and I bet our bond is even better because of it!

I have so many carriers, it's getting a little crazy. (Before you get all judgey, not all of the carriers listed here are still in my possession ;). I'm not an expert (yet ;) but I have just enough experience that I feel like I can give a simple review of each one I have or have had. It's hard to say which is my favorite as they all have various strengths and weaknesses and are useful for different events/seasons/moods. But I'll explain what I like and don't like about each of them. I'll start from the beginning...

Pouch Slings

Sevenslings: This is the first carrier I ever used, thanks to my sister Mandi. They are cheap and easy to come by so they are good first option. We used it a lot around the house when Bridger was tiny. I don't recommend it for extended use because babies grow out of them super fast, you have to keep buying up a size. But I keep mine in the diaper bag for when I'm in a pinch!

Stretchy Wraps

Stretchy wraps are great for the newborn period and the first few months. They keep baby close and feeling swaddled next to you. You can discreetly nurse easily in these (and most other carriers too with practice :). I think everyone should get one! They are reasonably priced and a lifesaver for new parents! While you can wear them as long as it is comfortable for you and your baby, you'll get the most use out of it in the first 6 months of baby's life. These only do front carries. And facing out carries are not ergonomic for baby and not comfortable for you.

Moby Wrap: (Pictured above). We used this often with Bridger (and Colden's first few weeks too). These are really accessible and under $50. You can find instructions for them pretty easily. Mine seemed to get saggy really fast. They are also realllly long and heavy. This can make them cumbersome and HOT. I sold mine to help pay for a new carrier. But lots of moms like this one for newborn twins.

Sollybaby Wrap: I haven't used this one much but hear so many good things about it that I bought one to keep on hand for future Parr babies. (My sister Mitzi is pictured below using it with her newest little guy!) It's a very lightweight material and thus a breeze to put on and wear. If you go this route, definitely follow Elle (the owner and creator) on Instagram @sollybabywrap as she has awesome tips every Tuesday.

Soft-Structured Carriers aka Buckle Carriers
Me and my awesome older sisters!
Me+Colden using the Ergobaby Performance; Mandi+Rane using the Ergobaby Original and Mitzi+Rhys using the Lillebaby Airflow.

Ergobaby Original: (pictured below) I was tired of wrapping Colden in the Moby so I grabbed this on sale for $90 at Target when he was still tiny. So glad I did because it changed our lives! Exaggerations aside, it really is so easy to use and has made being a mama of two so much easier. I can run after Bridger and care for the baby at the same time. (And hike in Zions!) I love that it has a pocket! The Original has nice puffy straps, but does get hot on warm days.

Ergobaby 360: (pictured below) I was having some trouble with the Original straps falling off my shoulders while wearing Colden on front (no issues as he got older and heavier and switched to my back) and a friend suggested the Ergo 360 since it has slimmer straps. I bought it gently used from a local mom and liked that it allows baby to face out ergonomically. However, I haven't used that option very much because it is not as comfortable for me. After around 6 months, he was able to see over the straps while facing in and when on my back so he had plenty to see :) I do love the wide waist belt of this one, it's super supportive and great for long-term wearing. I also like the firm seat. I find it easier to put Colden on my back when using this one. Miss not having a pocket on this one. We use this one for Bridger when he is tired on a hike or needing some extra love since it seems to be more comfortable for big kids.

Ergobaby Performance: (Pictured above with my sisters and below.) This one is great warm weather as it is made of 3-D mesh. It is just as supportive as the other Ergo models, but allows for more air movement. I love the structured straps and the sliding chest buckle. It makes adjustments so much easier than the other models mentioned. And it does have a pocket. This is my go-to carrier the last couple of months (summertime).

Lillebaby Complete Airflow: I bought this one as a summer carrier last year due to the fact that it is made out of mesh! Unfortunately, it was too big for me. You can see in the photo above that Colden is too low, even though I had the straps as tight as possible (babies should be at a kissable height). The straps are just too long with someone with my frame. Super comfy carrier though! It also has a facing out option. It even fits newborns to toddlers with no need for an extra insert. It is an AWESOME carrier. Just too big for me :(

 Mei tai carriers
 (pronounced may-tie)

This is a great carrier for moms on a budget! It's basically a soft-structured carrier that you tie instead of buckle. They sell at Walmart and Target for under $30. And if you go a few posts back, you can learn how to get an (almost) free one.

Woven wraps
These take some practice to use but are gorgeous!! They are super efficient as they can hold a tiny newborn up to a toddler. These are super popular in Western Europe and are really gaining traction here in the U.S. too. They can get expensive fast but there are a few companies that sell them for around $100-150. And these really hold their value so many moms easily re-sell them on babywearing buy/sell/trade pages on Facebook. I tried a Didymos wrap (pictured above) a few months ago but couldn't get the hang of it with Colden being so big and squirmy. I traded it for my Ergobaby Performance. I'll definitely try a woven with the next baby though!

Water ring sling or water wrap
A must-have if you are spending any time in the water with a little one! Super easy to make, see my post on how to make your own (just added a list on where to buy too!).

Carriers on my wish list...
Ergobaby Ventus. Like the Ergobaby Performance, just better! More mesh, wider belt and a taller panel. No pocket though :(. I tried one on at a babywearers meet-up and loved it! Saving up right now!

Wrap conversion mei tai. I think woven wraps are gorgeous! I just couldn't figure it out with Colden! A WCMT is the best of both worlds. They are made from a woven wrap into a mei tai so you get the functionality of a mei tai with the pretty ties of a woven. Drooling.

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What carriers do you like? Any that I did not mention? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I loved our solly baby and want to get another one. Ha. We then got an infantino soft carrier that was fine but I really wanted and ergo. Excited to have gotten a good deal on the performance. Can't wait to use it!

  2. Love this round up! Wouldn't an Ergo 360 Ventus be amazing? Ergo needs to get on that ha

  3. That baby carrier is very easy to use and holds baby very well. it can be handled by one person without any help.


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