Baby Gear...with the 2nd baby!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A few months after Bridger was born I posted about what baby products we found useful. I've learned a bit more with our second baby so I'll share what we use now!

Before I even start, I will mention the baby product of all baby products and that is a quality carrier! I LOVE carrying Colden! Babies want to be held close and because I have a good carrier, I can do that AND cook, play with Bridger, shop, go on a walk, hike, clean, garden etc etc. I nurse him now in the carrier anywhere he is hungry :)  We love our Ergobaby but there are LOADS of others. I tried a Lillebaby and really liked it, but it was too big for me. This is a good link on babywearing safety. I used a Moby for Bridger when he was really little and I wanted to keep carrying him but the Moby was so cumbersome to wrap in public. I've now learned that you can wrap it at home first and then put him in once you arrive. Or tie the ends so they don't drag. I think a stretchy wrap like a Moby is great for newborns, but after Colden was about 2 months old we switched to the Ergo. I could do a whole post on this. I'm so passionate about babywearing!

I use nursing camis more than bras now. I just find them easier! Lansinoh at the beginning was great! I got this cover for $1 on sale! (It's just thin jersey fabric with a hole in the top, you could totally make it!) I use it in church or when I would make the people I'm with feel uncomfortable with my open nursing. ;)

Colden sleeps in our room in the same playpen that Bridger did. He sleeps in our bed a good bit of the night as I fall asleep nursing most of the time. I think co-sleeping is great but lots of time I sleep better when he is in the playpen (but still close!) and I like cuddling with my husband :) And for full disclosure Bridger is in our bed a lot too! Bridger is a kicker so Colden is probably safer in the playpen on these nights :)

We love Luvs diapers for both our boys. (Amazon Subscribe and Save to the rescue!) We don't have a changing table or even a pad! I change his diapers on the bed with a towel underneath :)

We bought a used Puj tub for easy sink baths for Colden. I never really like the bulky baby tub we had for Bridger. If I could go back I would get the travel Puj tub because it fits better in smaller sinks. Colden is such a chunk that he grew out of sink baths pretty fast but the Puj is great to lay flat in shallow water in the big tub.

All of Bridger's old toys! And wooden spoons etc. The play gym we made for Bridger didn't work out to pass on to Colden because it's not super sturdy and that matters when you have a toddler around! I got a used play mat like this for $10 and it's just fine. Also got a free jumper thing from a neighbor that he likes for about 10 minutes a day :) He'd rather be held and I don't mind one bit! Also got a Bumbo for $10 at a yard sale that we use occasionally.

Bought a used side-by-side stroller from a neighbor and have used it twice! So far I'd rather wear Colden in the Ergo and push Bridger in the single stroller if needed. I'm guessing it will be nice to have later on when Colden is too heavy to carry for extended periods of time, so we keep it.

Phew! I think that's it!


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