How to get an (almost) free baby carrier

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Have you ever seen one of these carriers? They were recalled in 2010 due to risk of suffocation...which makes sense seeing as this carrier is basically like putting your baby in a duffel bag around your hip! Anyway...they are still doing the replacement program. I found one at the thrift store and bought it for $4.99 to see how the program worked. Here is my experience...
  1. The instructions are found here.
  2. Cut out the logo and put it in an envelope.
  3. Throw away the rest of the carrier.
  4. Print out the prepaid label. 
  5. Send it out. 
  6. Get a free mei tai! (Infantino actually calls this a "Wrap and Tie" carrier. Mine only took about two weeks to arrive! :)
Photo by Bridger :)
I like to recommend mei tais to new moms because they are safe, easy to use, comfortable for mom and baby and cheap. (The Infantino brands retails for $30 or less). I think I'll keep mine in the car as an extra carrier or maybe in our 72 hour emergency kit! So, if you ever see one of the old Infantino sling carriers pictured up top at a yard sale or thrift store, grab it and turn it in for a pretty sweet new carrier :)

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