Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some photos from Zion National Park when my sister Kenzey and I (and Colden!) visited a few weeks ago. (more on the family blog). We camped at Zion River Resort. The nicest campground I've ever seen!

We were pretty pressed for time, so really we only did two hikes in the two days we were there. On the first day, after strapping Colden into the Ergo, we went for a ways down the Narrows with about a bajillion other people. Pretty amazing stuff! On this adventure, I converted Kenzey to the Gospel of Hiking Poles. They saved us so much grief! The cliffs all around were breathtaking. It was getting dark so we headed back after a mile or so. We didn't get a ton of great photos because I was afraid to take out the big camera.

Kenzey started out slower than a grandma but quickly found her stride and was an excellent hiking companion!

Colden slept practically the whole time he was in the Ergo. Such a good baby! We stopped occasionally for "adventure nursing." ;) I don't really feel like he slowed us down much at all besides when he needed to eat. So many people we passed commented on the fact that I was carrying him on a hike. Well people, it wasn't my first rodeo. We ran into another mom babywearing with the same Ergo as me and we had a great bonding moment :)

The next day we hiked to the Upper Emerald Pools, passing by the Lower and Middle on the way up. This was a gorgeous hike!
Middle Emerald Pool
Upper Emerald Pools

Middle Emerald Pool

Lower Emerald Pool
Lower Emerald Pool
The 3 Patriarchs
We drove through the tunnel and then headed home after a fun two days! This was great introductory trip to Zions. There is definitely lots more to see and do. One day when the kids are older, we will do some more backcountry, technical hikes!


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