Chacos review

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

After a little research, I bought some Chacos at the REI garage sale.  I bought them for use when hiking in water and in any of our other water adventures this summer (kayaking, tubing, swimming etc). I wasn't sure I would use them for our normal hikes or not. I posted on Instagram when I tried some on in the store and asked if anyone had any thoughts. The reviews I collected were mixed. Some people loved them for hiking. Others said they were great for day-to-day but were annoying to hike in. 

So when we hiked to Silver Lake, I started out in my Chacos and brought my hiking shoes along to compare. 
I didn't have any trouble with pebbles getting under my feet, but I didn't appreciate the dustiness. I couldn't really tell if they were better or worse yet. About three quarters of the way to the top, blisters were becoming an issue.

 So I switched to my hiking shoes and there was an audible, "aaaahhh!" Like sitting down on an over-stuffed couch after sitting on the floor. The structure justs feels a lot better. I was much faster after putting these on. These are just the better choice all around for longer hikes.

Back at Silver Lake Flat Reservoir, I put my Chacos back on and this is where they belong! In the water! I'm excited to use them in slot canyons later this summer.

And swimming at Deer Creek Reservoir was so much better this year with these guys on. The entire bottom is rocks. Much easier than flip-flops! ;) Having these gave me a much better attitude about being there in general. I basically love Deer Creek now.

I still wear them almost daily. Yeah, probably nerdy but they are so comfy! And probably better for my feet than flats or flip flops. There ya have it. Great for outdoor water adventures, daily use and maybe little hikes that involve water.


  1. i always feel really granola when i wear my chacos with everything but they are the most comfortable sandals i have ever worn. glad you love yours!


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