A meltdown

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yesterday was probably my worst as a mommy.

The A/C was out.
And thus everything that went wrong was multiplied by 5 or 10.
Bridger was hot and craaaaanky.
Throwing his body all over and screaming cranky.
Screaming when I walked out of sight.
Throwing his favorite foods across the room.

I was sitting at the computer trying to find a slow cooker recipe for dinner.
Because I was for sure not going to use the stove or oven.
We had none of the ingredients.
Bridger is screaming his head off.
I am literally and figuratively melting down.

I threw Bridger into his car seat (and buckled him in) and found myself on the road up the canyon.
I needed solitude. Tall trees. Towering mountains.

And the icy air conditioning that my little Ford reliably gives.

I wound through a little side canyon.
Dreamed of a little homestead tucked against the mountains.
Breathed in and out.
Made eye contact with a deer.
Smelled the clean air.
Listened to my favorite music. Something I haven't done in ages.
Bridger slept peacefully in the back.

With my head clear, I made my way out of the canyon.

Only to be pulled over and given a ticket for speeding.
Now we're back to square one.
All the peace I had just earned was cancelled out with that little piece of carbon paper.

Lessons learned: don't go for a drive when you're upset. Just go to the mall. Or the pool.

In good news, the air conditioning was fixed this morning!!
And the only explanation I have for Bridger being crazy yesterday is, teething? 


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