Hike to Silver Lake

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

4.4 miles roundtrip. 
1400 feet of elevation gain. 
Our biggest hike yet with the little prince on our backs!

On this hike I realized how much I have grown in relation to hikes.
I had no negative thoughts.
I was talkative (this is a big deal, ask Nate).
I enjoyed myself!
This had a great deal to do with the scenery. While this hike is kind of exposed, you have a glorious view of American Fork Canyon the whole way up. We also went on a cloudy day, which helped. And everything is so green up there! So many flowers.

The lake is gorgeous. I think it would be more awe-inspiring with snow caps though.
While swimming crossed our minds, the water is too cold to do much more than dip your fingers in.

We had lunch and hiked back down to take turns paddling around Silver Lake Flat Reservoir at the trailhead.


  1. I love reading about your hikes!! It makes me want to go try some...but maybe an easier one:)


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