12 Goals by 2012: Up to par?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not exactly. But just for fun, let's review those goals and how I did: 

1. Finish the bike
Done! We actually finished this in early December.
I've gotta take some photos so I can have a good post sometime.

2. Visit the Manti, Utah temple
Done! See that visit here.

3. Make our own Christmas ornaments
I did make a few that turned out pretty terrible. 

4. Pay off a majority of our credit card debt
Well. Nope. Didn't do that.

5. Complete our advance directives
Not this one either.

6. Finish my classes with A's!
Nope. Whoops!

7. Visit Moab, Utah.
We got pretty close.

8. Clean out the clutter.
I think I did a good bit, there is probably some more I could do!

9. Write in my journal 2x a week.
I got real good a once a week journaling!

10. Finish reading and studying the New Testament.
I didn't quite make it through the whole New Testament before the year ended. As always, I really enjoyed the Gospels.

11. Go snow-shoeing
Not enough snow this season yet!

12. Take photographs of each of my Utah homes.
I didn't get around to this one, but we are in Utah a little bit longer!


I usually have a long list of goals for the new year, but this year I tried to scale down a little bit and not overwhelm myself! Did you make new year resolutions?


  1. That is my next task is to blog about new years! I like to make goals but I keep them private and as always write them down. Good job! You finished a lot:) a smaller list is better anyways!


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