First Anniversary

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I can't believe I didn't write a post about our first anniversary. We didn't do anything special since we wanted to spend time with my family while they were in town. But it had some highlights:

1. My parents were really nice to carry our cake out here so we could enjoy that tradition. Unfortunately this particular cake did not hold up so well. Nate thought it tasted terrible, I was pretty neutral. I had this whole plan to take photos while we ate it and have this glorious post about it. Nope. I didn't take one photo. It was pretty mangled anyway. 

2. Eating at Wendys on the way to Park City. 

3. And going out for a little date to Cold Stone. 

Our 6-month anniversary totally trumps this one. (Funny that we were in Park City for both!)

We were comparing our before-marriage lives to our current life and we easily decided that we are both so much happier. Even compared to when we were dating and engaged. Marriage is the best invention ever. I'm so happy I chose the man I did!


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