Manti Temple!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

On the way home from Crawford Draw, Nate and I stopped in Manti to see the temple. Neither of us have ever been!

The grounds were so simple and perfect. No big flower garden or anything, just the natural environment of mountain pines.
 We spotted a few deer on the hill behind it!

The setting is perfect! The hill is gigantic! (and perfect for sledding ;)

It's now our new favorite! We can't wait to come back!


  1. We love the Manti temple too! It has all the grandeur of the Salt Lake Temple, but it definitely has more of a small town warmth.

  2. Isn't Manti just the most breath-taking place ever! I was SO amazed and obsessed with it's beauty my first time there! My favorite Temple too - by a long shot!


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