How We Planned Our Wedding: Part III

Monday, December 5, 2011

The past couple of weeks I have posted on various parts of the planning process of our wedding. Read part one and part two

This week we are talking dresses!! My favorite part of the planning process! Can I just tell you that I had my dress two months before Nate technically proposed? It's terrible I know! But at that point I knew our plans, Nate was just taking his sweet time popping the question. And I was able to go dress shopping with my mom, something that was really important to me.

Let's start with inspiration for my dress.
This one I loved and still do. That form! Those pleats! That neckline! Whew!

Gateway Bridal, Bellissimo. Two seasons old now and still $1200. Sheesh!
I had been drooling over this dress via Utah Bride Blog. We actually shopped at Gateway Bridal for the sole purpose to get this dress. But as you probably guessed, I tried it on and I thought, "meh." Despite all that lace, it was nothing special. I guess I don't have the bust for it! I always wanted to be Lacey in lace, ya know? But it was not to be!

I tried the next one on and whoa! Simply, it was perfect. 
 Bouquets from Petal & Print.

I remember trying it on after mine came in and just tearing up. Am I the only one that did that? I guess it just dawned on me at that moment that I was getting married. Crazy. Happy. Emotional. Perfect.

The last three photos are from the lovely Kristen Stone.


And now the bridesmaids.
I had the most fun looking at bridesmaids photos I think!

Here are some of my favorites:
 Sorry this is grainy! But I loved how the skirts were the same color, but different styles.

Same idea, but with more formal fabrics.

Can you tell I was loving gray? And aren't those gloves so sweet?

This was the ideal!

I liked the color palette of this photo in general.

Ultimately, it just came down to cost. I picked out some skirts at Down East, along with tanks and cardigans. I had the sisters pick out their own accessories. I think it turned out really cute! (And maybe they actually wore it again?)
Nooo...Kacey wasn't a bridesmaid :)

I'm glad I have family I can be immature with :)

Looong post. Whew! Hope you enjoyed it and that it helps anyone planning a wedding! :)

Last two photos also by Kristen Stone.


  1. Yes I actually have worn the pieces again, good idea Lace!

  2. I, as well. I wear the cardigan and tank a lot:)


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