How We Planned Our Wedding: Part I

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In celebration of our first year anniversary that is quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to share how we planned our wedding. And maybe if you are planning a wedding, it will help you a little! So once a week until December 22, I am posting photos and writing about part of our planning process. Enjoy!

Note: Since I started planning way before I discovered Pinterest, I kept a file on my computer of things I loved that I would find on various blogs and websites. Because of this, I do not have most (or any!) of their original links. If you see one and you know where it originated, leave a comment with the link and I'll add it!

Basic process
Like I said, I kept a file on my computer of various images that inspired me. I regularly visited Ruffled (my favorite), Snippet & Ink,  Utah Bride Blog, 100 Layer Cake, Green Wedding Shoes, Once Wed, Southern Weddings and Grey Likes Weddings.  After a while, I followed my sister Mandi's advice and began printing the images that I really loved and put them in a binder. This helped me weed out the things that I wasn't so sure about and helped when I needed to show a color to a florist or dress shop.

Can you believe I still have this? I can--I'm such a pack rat!

I had a file for photography, my gown, bridesmaids and groomsmen attire, flowers, the invitations, the cake/food and general reception inspiration. This was also a great place to keep checklists and reminders of various deadlines. I also kept a file for the wedding budget and receipts. Now that I have Pinterest, I am so jealous of girls that get to use it to plan their weddings! It would have made things so much easier!

While we were engaged, we constantly felt overwhelmed with everything that we needed to accomplish before the big day. One thing that really helped us was each making a list of priorities for the actual wedding. While mine was a little longer, Nate's was one thing, "fun." And I think we definitely accomplished that! Also, we took a class together on marriage and relationships during our engagement. This helped us put aside the little details of our wedding day and focus on what was really important, our eternal relationship. I will always be grateful we had that guidance in such a stressful time! In fact, I am really passionate about this subject! If you are interested in learning more about pre-marital education, visit the website I helped create with some other classmates: Smart Start for Marriage-Utah.

Color Inspiration
Without a doubt, I knew I wanted yellow! Even though I'm pretty sure my mother had a heart attack over this color choice, it being a December wedding and all, I ended up with yellow and gray. 

This image really got my mind working!

Even though yellow and gray were the official colors, most of the reception decor ended up being a number of colors in the same color scheme, as pictured above.
Check back next week for our how we created our own invitations!


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