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Friday, December 9, 2011

(Sigh of relief). It was a busy week. I turned in 5 papers and gave 2 presentations. And that was all before Thursday! And as of yesterday at 1:25 PM, I am forever (until grad school, maybe, in like 30 years) done with university lectures. So happy that portion of my life is over. Nate, the lucky fool, is completely done with this semester, he has zero finals. I have four, one of which is a paper. I'm not terribly worried about them, just anxious for the semester to be over! And as for what happens after this semester, I have applied for six jobs now. Does anyone know the average number of applications before actually getting a job? Sigh.

As always, below are some fun and interesting links from around the web.

Keeping your marriage healthy after baby.

Great poster on eating right.

If I had an iPad, it would be carried in this.

I get my laughs in at work whilst reading Nat the Fat Rat. She cracks me up!

Ideas for giving experiences this Christmas.

An amazing prize will be given to the reader who can give the title of the children's book this illustration came from.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. the musicians of bremen town, of course! (i know that there are several variations of the title...)

  2. Great post lace! I'm sitting in a doctors office for work, waiting to talk with a doctor and remembering how I felt when I went to my last class, my last day at ind study, my last, my last, and walking across the stage! So exciting... I never thought I would miss it but boy do I!! Enjoy your last moments dear and celebrate your hard work!


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