Let the countdown begin!

Monday, December 12, 2011

One (ONE, people!) week from TODAY, we will welcome my parents and these crazy nuts into our little valley home. I'm really excited to spend Christmas with them and have all sorts of crazy adventures. I can't wait to see Mama and the kids but I just wanna say that I am so excited Daddy is coming. You see, mom and the kids have been out here once or more, but dad hasn't been out here at all. I can't wait to show him around and introduce him to what I have known as home for the past three years. (And this is probably dad's first vacation from work in probably 3+ years). And it will be fun for them to see our first apartment as a couple. Also we are celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple. Technically, last year was our first Christmas...but on our honeymoon, it did not feel a bit like Christmas. 

Just 1 paper and 2 finals to complete before the fun begins!


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