Where to swim in Utah

Monday, August 17, 2015

At Bartholemew Family Park
A few of you have asked where to do swimming in Utah Valley. So before the summer season is completely gone, here is our list of favorites!

Public Pools

Provo Rec Center
This place can get crowded, but it's the right price for all the slides and great atmosphere for little guys. The big slides are really fun. There is also pretty decent shade too. This is where we swim the most. Outdoor pool opens at noon everyday. $5/person, age 3+

Lindon City Aquatics Center 
This is a super fun place for little guys too. The big slide is pretty lame, but the lazy river is pretty fun! Normally opens at 12:30pm. ~$5/person, age 3+

Scera Pool in Orem
Only been here once, but it's HUGE. We will have to try this one before the season is out. ~$5/person, age 3+

Bartholomew Family Park in Springville 
Free! Lots of sand (dirt/mud) for the kids to play in. There aren't a lot of swimmers here because it is so COLD! But lots of kayakers and paddle boarders. Definitely go on a really hot day! I really like how close the parking lot is to the water.

Manila Creek Pond in Pleasant Grove
Free. Also a good one for playing in the sand. Great views too.

Spanish Oaks Reservoir In Spanish Fork
Free. Haven't been to this one since I was pregnant with Bridger! Can get super windy up there.

Deer Creek State Park
This is a better place for boating. This year, the beach is just boulders and mud. Not a great beach at all. Maybe it will be better next year.

Lindon Beach, Utah Lake
Other places to cool down

Provo River
Tubing down the river is awesome and free if you have some tire inner tubes and two vehicles.

Utah Lake 
If you are really desperate to get wet go to Utah Lake State Park. It's super muddy on the bottom! But we really like hanging out at Lindon Beach at sunset. Being Utah Lake, it's really shallow. So it's basically a natural splash pad :)

Springville splash pad
The best one there is! And everyone knows it so it's very crowded. The usual water works with a little creek running through. Also decent shade and a playground.

Provo City splash pad (at Pioneer Park)
We went recently and there were several injuries. The ground is super slick. I called Provo City about to make a formal complaint. Not sure if anything came of it. But having the playground close by is nice.

Riverwoods splash pad
Small and easy to keep track of kids :) Lots of shaded tables close by.

Enjoy the summer heat before it's gone! Although I'm about ready for fall, how about you?


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