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Sunday, August 16, 2015

I found myself saving so many articles this week! Here are some of my favorites...

I read about this group model of prenatal care a year or so ago. Glad to hear that it is still going well.

For the love of women. Beautiful.

It's so mind-boggling that continuous monitoring is still used for low-risk moms. Even being informed as I was during Colden's birth, it's hard to say no to pushy nurses. "For most women, when the doctor attaches an electronic monitor to your belly, the chances of complications go up, not down."

Like everyone who watched the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, I was shocked and horrified. The PP's executives spoke about fetuses in such a crude manner you couldn't help but cringe. Abortion sickens me but I am trying to come to place where I can view mothers in love and understanding as they go through what is probably the hardest decision they will ever make. I still don't know enough about whether or not PP really is making a profit off of aborted fetuses. I doubt that's the case and I don't think they should be defunded because they give numerous other benefits (birth control, cancer screenings etc) to low-income women and they're everywhere! However, I did really like this article, What About the Mothers.  Whether or not Planned Parenthood is defunded, I would like to see a rise in the amount of women-centered health care providers that support women throughout their childbearing years. Whatever you think about this issue, you ought to read about how aborted fetuses have helped you. And while we are on the subject, listen to this Radiolab podcast about one family's journey learning about how their son's short life is affecting others.

Are we more casual about the effects of labor induction than we are about our pregnancy eating and hair-dying habits?

Before you take any herbs or buy brewers yeast for low milk supply, do all these things.

And I love this cute and awesome project to help new moms.

Hope you had a lovely week! ♥


  1. I loved the Centering Pregnancy model! Did you notice in the comment section, that was actually developed by a staff member at the Yale midwifery school in the 90s? So cool!


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