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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Yall! I have so many ideas and not enough time! But I feel the need to simplify a little. Maybe a few days away will do the trick. Or throwing away my phone. Or both. While I work through these thoughts, enjoy some birth and breastfeeding links...

A dad's opinion on their experience with a doula. I love this:
"Do you know the quickest way to remove a hospital gown from a woman in the middle of an intense contraction? Can you coach her through the hardcore transition phase and hours of exhausting pushing? Do you have any clue what occiput posterior position is and how problematic it can be for the mother? When blood comes — and there will be blood — will you have any idea how much is normal scary and how much is legit terrifying? No. Because you’re not a doula."

Cervical dilation is unpredictable. So take a step back, cool down from all the vaginal checks and let the woman's body do her thing. There is no need (in a normal, healthy) labor to check the clock in relation to mom's cervical dilation.

Maybe I should change this blog post to "best of women's issues"...but this video is important. I'm sick of people thinking everything can be fixed with a pill and the latest FDA approval of "women's viagra" is troubling. It's a pyschoactive drug taken daily over a long period of time and we have no idea what it's effects will be!! Please don't be a guinea pig for this crap.

How dads can help with breastfeeding. Nate was such a great cheerleader for me!

Have a great weekend!!
Summer nursing painting via J Kirk Richards.


  1. I love that first bit; such a great point! I'm still sad we didn't call you since we were here :)


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