Best of the birth world this week!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Some of you may have heard that I participated in nurse-in at Hobby Lobby in Orem, Utah recently to encourage their staff to have a more proactive policy that supports breastfeeding mothers. Here is the Daily Herald article. And here is what Target has been doing lately in regards to the same issue.

Amazing shot of mom and dad catching baby.

I loved this. "Read your baby, not the books."

The day a friend corrected me. Makes me want to turn Bridger back around to rear-facing.

Women are the stewards over birth. This article highlights some of my favorite parts of The Gift of Giving Life.

I love Every Mother Counts 10 times more since they announced their new series on childbirth in America.

I usually don't like Baby Center, but these photos of how your baby fits in your womb are pretty rad!

Such a beautiful story and what a sweet dad doing skin to skin with babies in the OR!

P.S. Colden and I are using the Ergobaby Ventus in the photo above. We love it!! Sold my Original and Performance to get it...super worth it!


  1. Ahh I think about turning Sam back around all the time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your birth posts!! And I thoroughly enjoyed "Read your baby, not the books". Looking back, I tried to prepare for Milo by reading a lot (the only thing I needed to read was that article!), but I found that most of the time I can and have figured things out on my own by paying attention to what Milo needs. I know when I have another one, I can "stress" a lot less about so many unimportant things.


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