5 ways to get a good deal on a baby carrier

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

As I have discussed before, a good carrier can be a real game-changer for families. But often the problem is the price. Parents find the carrier section at Target and see the lovely Ergobabys for $140+ next to Eddie Bauer carriers for $70. They serve the same purpose, right? They do the same thing, right? Let's just get the cheaper one! Great idea in the short run for sure! It's nice to have extra cash! But in the long run, you might be wishing you had spent a little more. Like lots of other things in life...you get what you pay for. So planning ahead, setting aside a little money here and there or selling some of your lightly used baby gear are all great ideas to get the carrier you want. With that said, there are a few ways I have found that help you save a few bucks while also getting a good carrier.

First off, do your research. Pick out your top 2 or 3 carriers. Try them on, maybe borrow one for a few days and decide if you are ready to invest. When you are, here are some good ways to buy and save money...

Local babywearing groups
Check Facebook and Babywearing International to see if there is a babywearing group near you. They have educated volunteers who will help you find what you want/need and then will turn around and help you learn how to use it! Most also have a lending library where you can borrow a carrier for a small fee for a few weeks to try it out before you buy. And local moms will post within the group carriers they are willing to sell/trade. Which leads me to...

Buy used
At least 5 of the carriers I have owned were used! Good for my wallet and the environment. :) Be careful when buying used so that you know you are getting an authentic carrier. Counterfeits can be less quality and unsafe. That's why I like buying directly from other moms via our local babywearing group. If you don't have a group close by, the Facebook group Babywearing on a Budget (search on FB) is a good resource for used carriers listed under $100.

Check Amazon for your carrier. This might take some patience. I have been pining after the Ergobaby Ventus for a couple months until it went down from $140 to $110 on Amazon. **But be sure you are buying from a legit seller. Ergos are the most commonly counterfeited carriers. Make sure it is by Ergobaby and sold/shipped/fulfilled by Amazon.

In-store coupons
You can get Buy Buy Baby's 20% off coupon super easily. (Sign up for texts or emails). They sell lots of great carriers like Lillebaby, K'tan, Boba, Ergobaby and more. This is how I got my Lillebaby. Other baby retailers have similar deals. Often Target will have a gift card deal for their carriers. (Ex: Buy this product and get $30 in Target gift cards.)

Make your own
My only experience making carriers has been the water wrap and ring sling. So I'll just list some resources that might be helpful: Several moms in our local group have sewn a soft-structured carrier using this pattern. So rad if you are a good seamstress! This is a good round-up of various DIY carriers. My best suggestion for making your own is talk to someone who has already made one, so get involved in your local babywearing group :)

Have you ever made your own carrier? 
How have you saved money when buying a baby carrier?


  1. I got super lucky and found an Organic Ergo at a yard sale for $30. Not typical. But I have seen some sold at yard sales or on buy/sell local FB groups. The babywearing groups are fantastic! I love going to our group meetings and trying out different carriers and wraps!


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