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Friday, July 17, 2015

Well a whole week went by and no new posts! This re-emphasis on my blog is going really well ;) I do have a couple in the works so hang in with me! As usual there is lots of birthy and motherly goodness around the inter-webs this week...

I've had The Gift of Giving Life on my shelf for a few months and I am finally diving into it. I am so happy I am because it is full of wisdom and is confirming my testimony of my eternal role as a mother. I love the theme it emphasizes: approaching conception, pregnancy and childbirth with faith, not fear.  (P.S. It is sold at Deseret Book and on Amazon.)

It's a long one, but an important one! "This experience taught our family so much. If we could offer any advice to mothers- or fathers-to-be – or anyone in need of medical care – we remind all to be vigilant, to ask questions, and to ask them again. Talk to your doctor and EVERY doctor you see. Do everything that is necessary to take care of yourself and your child."  Yes, doctors make mistakes too. So keep asking questions!

The Dutch are simply amazing. So much goodness in this snippet of parenting in Amsterdam. Makes me proud of my heritage. Also makes me want to move there! I especially love that each women gets a kraamzorg (translates to maternity care) for 3 hours for 8 days following the birth. Sounds a lot like what a postpartum doula would do here. Of course their's is probably funded by the state...

I found Indiana Adams randomly the other day and I fell over laughing reading her birth stories. She is a great storyteller. Take a peek at birth story one, birth story two and birth story three. You will not be disappointed!

I am confused why it took so long for NPR to report that the UK is recommending low-risk women to deliver outside of hospitals, but they finally reported on it this week and made a good point: in order for outside of hospital births to be the safer and more pleasant in the U.S., we need better midwife-doctor relations.

This smart re-design of the booster seat is genius. Can't wait til production next year. I want to see more of it!

Beautiful painting of mother and child nursing by J Kirk Richards.


  1. That booster! Totally getting one in like...2 years. Ha.

  2. I am very excited for the booster seat! Thanks for sharing!


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