On having two

Monday, May 5, 2014

I didn't know quite what to expect when having a second baby. I've heard some women say they were scared to have another because that would mean loving their first less. This is a thought I have always dismissed and I'm glad I did. Because, at least for me, it's been the opposite!

I love Colden to the moon and back. He is a perfect little baby. I'm so glad he is in our family. But this post is about Bridger. The first time I saw him after Colden was born, he looked like a kindergartener. He seemed to have grown years within the few hours I hadn't seen him. I think this happens to a lot of parents: compared to their new tiny baby, their older children suddenly seem like teenagers. It really is nuts how BIG and grown up Bridger seems now. Things I haven't given much thought are so fun to see now. His hair is so long. After playing outside, it's sweaty and sticks up everywhere. The toddler chub on his legs and feet is so endearing. His hands are squishy and usually dirty. He cocks his head to the side when he talks to us.

But most of all, I love his interactions with his little brother. Bridger comes over and looks at Colden and scrunches his nose, like "isn't he cute mom?" He says, "awwww." He touches each of his features. He pats his head. He plays with his hands. He gives him kisses. He wants to pick him up and hold him. He has to be reminded to be soft very often.

I am so glad we had another baby. These two will such good friends. I can't wait to see what the future brings. But I'm truly enjoying the sweet times now. There are plenty of challenging times with a toddler and newborn, but the love in my heart has grown!


  1. Love that cute little picture of them together! Sooo precious!

  2. I agree, with every child your heart grows, and there is more and more love, plenty for all :)


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