What the what?!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Just four days after Colden was born, I started having this ridiculous pain in my back. No position made it better. I was crying out in pain. It felt worse than labor! I stumbled into the living room and told Nate there was nothing really the matter with me. I rushed into the bathroom and threw up. That didn't happen during labor!

Nate quickly called my midwife group and spoke to a nurse. She said it sounded like kidney stones and to go to the ER. Whaaaaat??

Please note that the little boys and I were still in our pajamas. Bridger had remnants of breakfast all over his face.

I cried on the way to the hospital and pounded my fists on the dashboard. Luckily Nate ran the red lights when it was safe to do so. Orem Community checked me in pretty quick. When the nurse saw me throwing up he said he knew it was kidney stones! I had a CT scan (can't wait for that bill!) and the doc confirmed that I had a 4mm stone. Ouch!

Aunt Lora saved us again and picked up Bridger. They loaded me up on pain meds and Nate took embarrassing photos of me. The nursery sent over a bottle of formula for Colden and he took it like a champ!

They released me after a couple of hours with a Percocet prescription and some strainers to pee through. (Awesome. Something else to add to my postpartum bathroom routine.) I was dizzy and weak the rest of the day thanks to the pain meds. But luckily Colden was still able to breastfeed, it just made him extra sleepy. 

And this story ends when the nasty stone passed later that afternoon. Phew! 


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I'm so so sorry!! Yeah, seriously, one more thing to your routine. Ugh.


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