Sneak peak of our house

Friday, March 29, 2013

This has been fun to style. It's a work in progress. Which basically explains the rest of the house really.

 Curtains are up! In the bedroom at least. It's nice waking up to the sunlight!

Kitchen. Loving all the cabinet space!

TJMax finds. Got $100 off that trunk because of cosmetic damage. Just wish we could find a large version of that rug.

Our couch finally came! Nate had to take off the door for it to fit, but we're just glad it's here! When they carried it through the door, it just kept coming and coming and coming. It's longer than we realized! We'll probably have to take it out in pieces when we move again. ;) (From the RC Willey Outlet store if you were wondering).

Couldn't leave out the neighbors.

 New baby. Saw this little girl (I think!) running through the snow on Saturday. So beautiful.

Also, our little baby is everywhere now! After setting him down to crawl around I have twice found him again sitting up! Sitting up isn't new, but getting there by himself is! Time to really baby-proof this house!


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