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Monday, April 1, 2013

Maybe you already do this is, but it was news to me so I thought I would share!

Our tub was gross when we moved in. It has a terrible drip and the hard water had built up scum on the sides. Nate called his mom for advice and this is what we did:

After leaving it overnight, we drained the tub and then wiped the scum away. No scrubbing. I was amazed. The spot that was left is actually where the constant drip has rubbed away the finish on the tub.  Still need to take care of the chrome. Maybe I can unscrew that and soak it in vinegar too.

Other upcoming projects:
Re-caulking the bathroom
New kitchen floor (floating floor)
Painting one wall in the kitchen

New deadbolt in the front door (can you believe they didn't have a deadbolt here??!)
Window locking system (no locks in most of the windows either!!!)
Cleaned out the washing machine (soooo gross! i gagged.)
Rain barrel

We've come to the conclusion that this old house is going to be a good trial-run for owning our own house! We don't have to do all these improvements but sometimes it's easier than waiting on the landlord. And we don't mind getting our hands a little dirty. Projects are fun and we are learning a lot.

Do you have any cleaning tips that you swear by?


  1. I read, but haven't tried, for the chrome in the bathroom that you do the vinegar water mixture in a ziploc ans then use a twisty tie to tie it around the shower head and the fumes will clean it the showerhead. Not sure how you could cover some of the other pieces. Also, your new floor looks awesome!!

  2. Vinegar is the best natural cleaning product for all types of scum and stains. It’s nice post. Thanks for sharing.
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