Baby products: What I've learned so far

Friday, January 25, 2013

Even though I look around our house and think it is overrun with baby products...we have tried to keep it simple. Here, I've listed what we use for Bridger. Hopefully it will remind me in the future to not be so anal about baby products and maybe you can find something that will help you.

Take a class or read a book about it before giving birth. I wish I would have. Have at least one good nursing bra before going to the hospital. Believe me, you won't want to run to Target with a days-old baby. I would get one a cup bigger than your normal size. I didn't recognize my boobs after Bridger was born. I recommend 1 sleep bra and 2 normal nursing bras. You go through them faster than you would a normal bra. Milk inevitably leaks and then you have a crusty mess on your hands. I have also loved just wearing a nursing cami. But that might not work for chestier mamas.

Other necessities:
*Lansinoh disposable nursing pads. Don't even worry with another brand. Cloth aren't worth the effort either. I leak through everything except Lansinoh.
*Gel pads. I wish I would have registered for these. Put em in the fridge and your boobies will thank you for it.
*Lansinoh nipple cream. Again, your boobies will thank you.
*Breast pump. I like my Medela Harmony hand pump. I use it a few times a week, or just when I know   that I'll need a bottle or two for Bridger. It's good for them to learn how to take a bottle so you can go out with your husband every so often. And a little formula isn't bad every now and then either.
*Burp cloths. You cannot have too many.

We use a playpen for Bridger. It's perfect for us and all our moving around etc. If you want to go this route, just get a simple one with good reviews. You do not need the bassinet or changing table attachments. We haven't used our's since Bridger was a week old.

We have a simple Graco swing from Target. I like it because we can plug it into the wall, and we aren't running out for batteries all the time. I also love that the bouncy seat comes out of it so I can take him into the kitchen with me and I know he's safe. The music and sounds on this one suck. I never use them. If needed, I'll just turn the radio on static or use

We hate our big plastic tub. I wish I would have gotten the Puj Tub, I have heard such great things about it. But Bridger is so close to sitting up, I don't think it's worth it to get something else now. Oh well.

We use Aveeno's baby wash. Love it. It seemed expensive when we bought it, but we are still using the same bottle.

For the first 3 months, we used half cloth and half Pampers Swaddlers for Bridger. Some people say not to even buy newborn diapers, but I disagree. Bridger was over eight pounds and used newborns for at least three weeks. We don't have a changing table or even the standard changing pad. We use a simple travel changing mat that we keep on the floor in our bedroom.

Once he was 4 months, every time he pooped it was everywhere. And I change him as soon as I see him strain. We have since switched to Huggies Little Movers and I don't have a single complaint. You gotta have the elastic around the back, otherwise it will be in his neck. Yuck.

As for disposing of the diapers, you do not need a diaper genie. We throw them in a small (bathroom size) trash can next to his changing area. That way, it gets changed out often. Poopy diapers go straight to the outside garbage.

Stores are full of baby toys, I don't feel like I share much that is enlightening here except that he loves his rattle O-ball. And the play gym Nate made for him. Now that he is 5 months, he loves using a sit-in walker around the kitchen. (This is a good item to borrow or buy second hand). We try not to buy too many toys because it can get out of hand. Plus, he loves playing with a whisk more than anything ;)

I spent the most time while pregnant researching this topic. Such a waste of time because I hated the one we got! We returned it and got the Chicco Liteway. We love it. It's easy to fold, it's light and Bridger is happy in it. Easy to turn and push. The perfect width. I just wish the car seat fit into it. That can be annoying. But I hear the 2013 model has a car seat attachment. If you are crazy like me and are researching strollers until your eyeballs fall out, here is a funny and helpful post about some of the better strollers out there.

What are your favorite baby products? Anything we just have to have as he turns 6 months old? 


  1. Ok I so agree with the bras. I would even say have two before you go. I bought one when I was pregnant but I leaked through it so much that I had to wear non nursing sports bras while it washed and it sucked. I had to hobble though target (joking, kinda) to get a sleep one and I can't wait to buy 100 more. And I SO AGREE about the pads! I want to use cloth but ugh, for now I'm a freaking faucet. So...ill keep using those for now. I also have that pump and like it. Very simple and portable. We also use a travel may we just put on the bed. I haven't used any cooling pads but I am sure they are nice. I haven't really needed them. And we bought a puj tub and while we have only used it once but I like it. And yeah, I spent so much time it's embarrassing researching stupid baby products. We don't have a swing and I'm not sure I want one but thanks for the link!!

    1. You are lucky nursing is going to well! I am so glad for you! Yeah the swing isn't a necessity at all but it sure helps Bridger take longer naps!

  2. I suggest having at least one teething ring, small toy and book in your diaper bag for church or other places that you will be sitting. During Relief Society, I have ended up putting him on the floor to play because he is tired of being held, so I make sure I have a blanket to put on the floor. I would also suggest a mirror for playtime. Babies love watching the baby in the mirror:)
    By the way, these are just suggestions, not necessities:)

    1. I totally agree with this Mitzi! We set my floor length mirror on it's side (against the couch) and he LOVES it!


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