On winter and January

Monday, January 28, 2013

The last week in the blogosphere seems to be full of hatred for January and winter in general. It's a little depressing. People! We are just getting started with winter! At least those of us north of the Mason-Dixon. I say put on your big girl boots and get on with life. 

But really. Winter isn't so bad. You just need good clothes. Boots that won't let ya slip. Socks and liners that keep your toes warm. Jackets that shed water. A fleece inner layer. I mean, it's not hard. We aren't in the Arctic. Although it has felt like that when we get down to the single digits. And I say, bring on the snow! Just not the icy rain that causes this

Mostly, you just need a little baby to keep you smiling! ;)

Also, some quick trips up the canyon and out of the smog help too.


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