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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

*During the holidays, Bridger flew for the first time. Due to some scheduling issues, I flew alone with him. Here, I am sharing some insights and thoughts about those flights. 

First of all, our total of 4 flights renewed my faith in the the goodness of the human race. Everywhere I turned, someone was offering to carry my bags, offer me their first-class seat (!!), offer to help me get a whole row to myself (!!), fold up the stroller etc etc. I was so grateful for the flight attendants and passengers alike who helped make these flights a breeze! I wish I could send them all a box of chocolates.

Some things I learned flying alone with a 5 month old: 
  1. Nurse or have a pacifier ready for take-off and landing. Bridger didn't seem to have any trouble with his ears, I assume it was because we did this.
  2. I recommend the red-eye. Bridger slept through most of it. 
  3. There is no real place to change diapers on a plane. (At least in my experience). Balancing him on the toilet seat lid was the trickiest part of flying. 
  4. Strollers are gate-checked for free.
  5. If you are alone, accept all help offered. And ask for help. You aren't winning any medals by refusing help. 
  6. Empty plastic cups are more fun than other toy you can bring. 
  7. If you are nursing, just accept that it's not going to be graceful. Sorry to anyone I flashed! :/
  8. Maybe everyone knows this already, but when the attendants come around with drinks and snacks, they will fill your own water bottle up if you ask. When they asked what I wanted to drink, I just handed them my Nalgene and they filled it right up! Amazing.
  9. Be on time so you can take advantage of pre-boarding. No lines! Also amazing.
  10. People are more nice and friendly than I ever thought. Go humans!

Photo of Bridger touching the Gulf of Mexico :)


  1. I love this post. Honest and real tips from a true and loving momma. Congrats on your first flight with the babe!


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