Thinking flat

Monday, November 12, 2012

Last week we ventured onto our old stompin' grounds, BYU. We met up with one of Nate's old roommates for lunch at the MOA cafe. Delicious. But before that, we wandered through the MOA for a bit. We had fun in the Think Flat exhibit (above). This was one of those times when we think, "Bridger will love this one day!" But for now, he chills and smiles in his stroller.

In other news, he now ROLLS OVER! Gone are the days of leaving him unattended on the bed or couch. But I say good riddance! I love seeing this kid meet milestones and grow big. Yesterday, a little kid in Relief Society was saying, "mamamammaaaa" and you know, can I just say I can't wait for that?

I love you Bridger. You're awesome. Keep it up. We love seeing you grow.


  1. I love hearing more about your little one! How exciting:)


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