Bits of happiness: Catching up!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last Thursday we were in the middle of moving so this is a catch-up post. We have lots to be thankful for this week...

  1. An awesome aunt & uncle who have welcomed us into their home like we were their own!
  2. The BEAUTIFUL snow that has blanketed the mountains and valley.
  3. A healthy body...I found a couple lumps in my breast yesterday which immediately led to, "it's cancer! It's definitely cancer!" thoughts. Of course it was just clogged milk ducts. I am probably just as afraid of mastitis as I am of cancer (it's the unknown that really scares me). This article plus a heat compress and a hungry baby helped and now the hard, scary lumps are all gone! Motherhood has made me into a hypochondriac. 
  4. Walking to Church on Sunday. This and #2 makes me wonder why we would ever move from here!


  1. bah! sorry about your hypochondi-rism (haha, like that word?) That would be scary and I'm glad it went away.

    Haha! i know that no pregnant lady think the last 10 weeks fly by..I'm hoping that with the holidays being the next 7 weeks OF the 10 weeks that it will go a little faster?? :)


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