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Thursday, November 15, 2012

This guy has a JOB!
Something to definitely be grateful for!
After 4+ months of unemployment/underemployment...we are thrilled!
It's not his dream job (does anyone have their dream job these days?) but he is really excited about it!

And seeing my husband finally have the reward after years of hard work is incredibly gratifying.
He doesn't like when I brag about him, so I'll stop right there.

It's been a hard few months, but things are looking up!
Also, after we save up until the beginning of the new year, looks like we will be back in Provo.

Check out this quote I saw yesterday. So true!

P.S. The quote behind Nate reads, "work for your dreams." So fitting.


  1. CONGRATS! I was so happy when I heard the good news! I knew something would turn up sooner or later. We love you both!

  2. Tell Nate to call me sometime! I want to hear about what's going on. You're right that any job is a good thing in in our current economy. I hope you guys can come visit us in WA sometime. My parents have a great cabin in the mountains that you'd both love (probably B-ridge would like it also)

  3. tell nate that in this picture he IS that man from his dream on the river.


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