Thoughts for a Friday

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thoughts (& rants) about this week...

The election.
They are both lying about something. They are both politicians. I don't think a Romney presidency could fundamentally change much of anything, but I don't want to give Obama another 4 years.

Honestly, life right now is tough. Nate is underemployed and he just isn't getting calls back for interviews. (Except one came right after I wrote this! Yay!) We are both feeling the stress of it and I haven't been the nicest person lately. As I was walking with Bridger on Wednesday, I listened to this talk from the most recent General Conference. I know God is watching out for us. His timing, not our's. In the meantime, I have to focus on the positive or I'm just gonna go crazy! And I need to quit thinking about myself so much. (Watching this made me realize it even more). I need to serve. Something regular...any ideas?

Taking care of baby.
Sometimes the occasional bottle of formula just saves my sanity. And holding him while feeding him a bottle is kind of sweet too. He looks right into my eyes and I just melt. 

After two outfit changes on Wednesday, I felt it was time to start putting him in bibs. Even so, I still get barfed on. Oh well, the life of a mother :)

Pinterest (You can skip this ranting portion and scroll for the cutest baby feet of your life).
Sometimes I just want to comment on people's pins and really tell em what I think. For instance, I promise you don't want a doorless, wall-less shower. Not a smart idea. Alos, stop pinning photos of the Hemsworth brothers and get a life. And quit pinning photos of cats. Just go buy a dang cat already. Amiright?

 Is there anything cuter?

Hope you have a lovely fall-ish weekend!!


  1. Your rants are awesome. Sometimes we just have to get it out. On politics... we won't even go there. Life being rough-youre right... He is watching out for you and the toughest lesson is that it is in His timing. Pinterest-AGREED

  2. Your rant about pinterest made me laugh! I was just saying similar things to Morgan. Why are people pinning pictures of celebrities?? What's the point? I guess I pin dumb stuff, too so I can't say anything. And I know things are tough. Hang in there!!! I promise one day you'll be glad you had this trial for some reason or another. Lastly, those are the most adorable baby feet.

  3. Lacey- good post. I like honesty.
    That talk is great, it really stuck out to Scott and I. Hang in there, I know it will get better. Just keep going, everything works out better than you plan it. Scott and I keep praying or you guys- let us know if we can help out in any way!


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