American Fork Canyon + Alpine Loop

Monday, October 8, 2012

Ever since Nate proposed, I have begged him to take me to the spot again. Last week, he finally agreed. So we packed up some food and flannel, along with Bridger in the old Ford. The fall colors were so gorgeous. I could literally feel the fresh mountain air increasing my dopamine levels. Being in the mountains really makes me happy!

But our delight was short-lived however. As we lumbered up the dirt and gravel packed switchbacks, we began to be aware that this old girl might not make it to the top. We lusted after the four-wheelers and all wheel drive Jeeps that raced past us. Thinking of the romantic memories we would be missing if we turned around, I urged Nate to keep going. After awhile even I conceded to defeat.

We settled on a picnic on the shores of Tibble Creek Reservoir. We snacked and basked in the mountain air. Bridger nursed as I eavesdropped on what could have been a good episode of a Latin soap opera. What I thought at first was a mother and son, turned out to be divorcing couple. (That is if my 8 credits of university Spanish are still up to par).
Yes, I've had this hoodie since 10th grade. 

We ended the day driving back down through the Alpine Loop. (See last year on the Loop).

Bridger, I hope you are getting used to these mountain adventures! Many more to come kiddo!


  1. These pictures are beautiful! Mountain air makes me happy too :) its medicine to the soul.


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