Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I mentioned that Quack made many more appearances while I was home. Evidence follows.

 Obviously a perfect slide raft.

 Eden: Hey! Let me in!

 I love Randi's face in these!

 And the mamas did not want to miss out on the fun either! Although I do not have photographic proof to share, I slid down as well :)

 This photo is such a treasure!

 Being around my nieces and nephews made me so excited to be a mama soon!

Quack is also a suitable transport vessel for the Avengers.

 Rhett: When I take off my shirt, I look just like the Hulk!

Avengers assemble!

Classic Aukema family. All cuddling on one giant sofa. This is where Nate would have felt awkward. If he had been there, he probably would have been sitting on one of the stools behind us. ;)


  1. Love this post! Quack was pretty awesome:) So I'm assuming there will be no Parr family pics taken this week similar to our family pic;) Hehe!

  2. Quack was awesome! Something the kids could really get creative with! I love this family pic. We'll just photoshop Nate in with the crew!


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