Mother's Day

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day is especially meaningful to me this year. Not only am I almost a mother, but my birthday is on Mother's Day this year, just like the year I was born. (I always remind my mom I was the best Mother's Day present ever. But now that I am contemplating childbirth for myself, I imagine that was last thing she wanted to do on a day she could have been relaxing ;).  I have missed the past few Mother's Days since I have been away at school and I imagine I will miss many more. Don't worry, I always call and send her a little love!

I really do have a wonderful mother. She always gave each of us so much love. Every time I had some crazy idea for my life plan, she would tell me how just how amazing my idea was. And then completely support me each step of the way. I know she wishes that Nate and I lived closer to them and some people might scoff at that. But I take it as a compliment. That is just one way she shows her love. She wants her children to be near. I am sure I will feel the same way.

My life is full of wonderful mothers: my grandmothers, my aunts, my mother-in-law and my sisters. They are all such good examples to me! Can't wait for this little guy to come and I can join the mom club ;)

So Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the beautiful mothers in my life! 


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