Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

A list of 22 things I grateful for on this 22nd birthday of mine.

1. Sweet little baby kicks in the morning when I wake up.
2. My husband. It will just embarrass him if I elaborate. So I won't.
3. My fantastic family.
4. Also, the loving family I married into. I really scored in that department.
5. The Gospel of Jesus Christ.
6. Temple marriage.
7. The joy of being barefoot in the summer.
8. Watermelon.
9. Cheesecake.
10. Cake pops.
11. My education.
12. Quotes like this.
13. Articles like this.
14. Birthday packages.
15. Good reminders like this.
16. Our teeny little apartment.
17. The big box of baby clothes in my closet. We are so blessed.
18. The other box of baby blankets in my closet.  Can't wait to cuddle him in those!
19. My new bathrobe :)
20. This video.
21. The past 22 years of happiness.
22. The potential for an eternity of happiness!


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