Birthday Surprise

Monday, May 14, 2012

I came home from work on Friday to find Nate with my bag packed for a night away! So sweet. Our cousin-friends Scott and Ericka had a 2 bedroom suite booked in Midway and they were sweet enough to let us join in on the fun.

We had fun shopping at the outlets in Park City where I picked out my birthday present--a new maxi dress of course. (Dress pajamas. I can't get enough). And Nate bought clothes for himself for the first time in like 50 years.  Also, I got a robe I have been wanting for a while. You know you are pregnant when you get super excited about a bathrobe. Pathetic :)

We explored Park City a little bit and found a place to eat--The Eating Establishment. Apparently it's been featured on the Food Network. Fancy. With the waiter's advice, I got their veggie burger....with bacon. So so good ;) Then we ate junk like Swiss Rolls as we watched a movie later that night.

It was so nice to sleep in and just enjoy having no plans. We ended up exploring downtown Midway which is really cute and quaint. We happened across an estate sale. I should have taken a photo of the house. I am pretty sure it was built by pioneers. It looked something like this:
Midway is full of sweet old houses like this one.

I really wanted one of these hurricane lamps! And I don't think this stove was for sale, but isn't it rad??

We also happened across a used bookstore, ReBook. I got If You Give a Moose a Muffin, Arthur's Nose and The House that Had Enough all for less than $5. Sweet!

Thanks for a lovely birthday weekend to my husband and S & E! :)

P.S. Also, Nate got me these amazing chocolates from Amano Chocolates. They are so pretty, it was hard to eat them! But they are DELICIOUS!


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