The joys and pains of sailing

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last weekend, Nate and I wanted to head out to Utah Lake for a little sail. Luckily, Scott and Erika came along or we would have been in big trouble. I won't re-hash all the details since Scott wrote a pretty good description already. Read Scott's version of the day's events on Erika's blog

This was the only photo taken while we were out of the harbor since I immediately had to throw my camera in its bag for safekeeping as the wind doubled in speed.

Nate and Scott with the broken tiller. 

Erika and I. Just happy to be alive ;)

Wish I knew how to get the light off your eye Erika! But I like this photo a lot :)

Thanks for another adventure Harriette!


  1. Glad you're ok!! Sounds like a great memory:)

  2. Oh my! Sounds intense. Glad you guys are ok!


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