Adventures: Sailing

Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Thursday, I asked for an adventure. Oh did I ever get an adventure.

We decided to go sailing on Utah Lake. (Nate and his cousin Scott co-own a 14-foot sailboat). The wind was amazing. And a little scary. We literally had to lean out of the boat with our backs parallel to the water to keep the boat on course. Waves were splashing over us like crazy. (Thus, I have no photos from while we were on the boat). We were booking it. They later told me that this kind of sailing day only happens once or twice a season for them, so it was lucky we got to experience it. There ended up being a couple of inches of water in the boat after it was all through.

When the wind died down a little bit, we took turns jumping in for a swim. The water was perfect! Just the right temperature! (We tied a line to the back that we held onto just in case the wind picked up again). While Nate was swimming, Scott asked if I wanted to learn to steer. He taught me a couple tricks and with a mischievous smile, he jumped out too! So there I am: all alone in a sailboat, barely knowing how to steer, much less know what to do if the wind picked up. And yes, of course it picked it while I was all alone. It all happened so fast, I'm not really sure what happened. I just remember the boat leaning at close to a 90 degree angle to the water and then me flipping to the other side to steady it. I might have said a few things that would have classified me as a sailor. The boys just laughed. At that point, they got back in and we headed back.

While it was a little stressful, I loved it! You never know you can do something til you try it. Being out on the water is one of the best feelings. And you know what? For a beautiful 2-3 hours on the lake, it cost all three of us a total of $8 (launching fee). The same amount it costs for one person to go to a movie.

Don't worry, Nate paid for their little trick on me. He took me out to eat that night :)


  1. Where do you go to the movies? It's $10 per person here in Orlando!!!


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