24 weeks

Friday, April 13, 2012

 Thanks Holly for helping me find my new favorite dress!

Our little boy finally kicked for his daddy a few days ago. Nate just said, "this is sooo weird." But I heard him bragging to his brother-in-law about it later ;)

It may be futile, but I am applying my Palmer's stretch mark cream every night!
I probably ate more than half of the Starburst Jelly Beans at Aunt Lora's this past weekend. Sorry Lora!
I pretty much just eat everything in the house!!
And after a little coaxing, my sweet husband took me to JCWs tonight to satisfy that french fry craving :)

I think I like saying that I am 5.5 months along better than saying 24 weeks. Being almost 6 months along just sounds so much better! Just about 3.5 more months! That makes me nervous and excited!!


  1. You have such a cute little baby bump! :)

  2. Oh grow a belly why don't ya?!!! I'm like 3 times your size!!! ;) Love you!!

  3. Mitzi, we all wondered if she was making up this "being pregnant story" since she didn't show for the LONGEST time ever!! I'm just glad she's finally starting to look pregnant. Super cute dress, LaMo!

  4. Love, love your dress. I want a dress like that when I am pregnant. You are so cute:).


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