Still awake

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why am I still awake and looking at strollers? It's midnight. I can't tell you the last time I was up past 11 for no good reason. But here I am, in my pajamas, researching strollers yet again. Why is it that I am so worried about finding the right one? Is our baby really going to spend a great deal of time in a stroller? Why am I not researching baby monitors or child birth for crying out loud? Instead of learning more about the nightmare miracle of child birth, I am researching strollers of all things. I can't explain it. Crazed nesting phase maybe? But in case you are wondering (or extremely bored), here is what I have learned so far tonight:

I really, really like the Stokke Xplory. But it doesn't have a car seat adapter. And I would love to have our baby higher and looking at faces instead of knees. Found a good used one for an amazing price nearby.

Quinny Buzz is my other favorite. It does have a car seat adapter. And it's just gorgeous. I deny it to Nate, but I really just want a pretty stroller.

Valco Tri Mode is starting to look like a nice option, but I can't find many reviews on it except for this video by BabyGizmo. (That lady has a crazy Minnesota accent!) Seems really versatile which I like. They claim it's 4 strollers in one.

If my dreams really came true, we would be getting a Bugaboo. In my opinion, they're seriously just the best all around. Found a good used one near PCB. Maybe I'll get mom to pick it up for us...maybe.

Or maybe I'll just keep looking and never find one and we'll just carry our baby around in this.


  1. You know what stuck out to me here?
    The [nightmare] of child birth.

    1. It does really scare me! But I know it will be a beautiful thing!

  2. I did the same worrying and drooling over strollers and since having my first baby, here's what I've learned: You really don't need a real stroller right away and here's why: You will keep them in their car seat anyway, so why not buy a Snap N Go stroller for around $40-50 (or cheaper second hand) and use that until they grow out of the infant car seat (which is around 1 year). Then buy a really cool umbrella stroller of your choice and never have to worry about buying a car sear adapter early on. Honestly, Mom bought me a really expensive stroller (that I insisted on having) and I used that less than I do the $8 umbrella stroller we bought at a yard sale:) Go figure.


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