Tuesday, March 20, 2012

According to my calendar, today is the first day of SPRING! Now it may be a little chilly here in Utah County, but the forecast does promise a few 60 degree+ days at the end of the week. (As much as I claimed I was going to love winter this year, I still bear it grudgingly). This is a cause for celebration! Too bad I am writing a paper and studying for a final this week! BUT we are going to see the midnight showing of the Hunger Games and possibly sailing on Friday.  I won't hold my breath for a little color brought back to my skin, but you might just see this preggo lady in (unbuttoned) shorts this weekend.

Photo from Ontario's spring when we visited last June.


  1. I remember being so excited for spring in Utah! The spring there is the best and everyone automatically starts skipping around, haing picnics, reading in the grass! In CA you just don't see that! Maybe because it is above 60 most of the year but still, I miss the excitement!


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