The Dagger's Maiden Voyage

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We have arrived in Canada! After 10+ hours of travel on Sunday, we were happy to arrive in Ontario! Nate's mom is such a sweetheart, she had chips and chocolate waiting for us on our bed :) We have had a crazy wonderful time these past few days. The house is full, loud and perfect :)

The Parrs got a new kayak which Nate took out as soon as he could. I got to cruise around a little in Nate's old one as well.

The best things about being in Canada:

1. We get another spring!
2. Being surrounded by family.
3. Kayaking on Lake Superior (more on that tomorrow!)
4. Old Dutch chips
5. Real home cooking from Nate's mom :)


  1. Nate's even rockin the wilderness man beard! Glad ya'll had a good time :)


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