Bike Update: Part III

Saturday, October 29, 2011

In case you didn't hear, we are restoring an old bike. See original post here and the first update here. I made a goal to publish a post about it each week in order to motivate us. Well....that has not exactly happened, but we are close! While this was begun as a fun couples project that we could bond over, it has turned into a fun project for Nate. Yep, I have not helped as much as I should! Although,  I have gotten down and dirty and helped sand down the gears etc. So our couple-bonding hope may not be completely lost!

Here is what we have completed since the last update:
1. Finished sanding
2. Painted, including a clear proctectant coat.
3. Purchased the bike seat, handlebar tape and brake cables.
 Handlebars before sanding

Gears before sanding

Handlebars and gears after sanding.
Gotta love vintage products...from back when metal was quality!

Our goal for the next few days:
1. Assemble!
and purchase the:
2. Rims
3. Tires
4. Inner tubes
5. Pedals

If you have questions about what products we have used so far, let me know!


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