Bike Update Part II

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

 In case you missed it, we bought a vintage bike that needs some extra TLC. Check out the original post here. Our goals for this week on the bike were to: (1) take detailed shots of the bike so we could put it back together more easily (I won't bore you with those photos); (2) take it apart (as seen above); and (3) we started sanding. 

 Here is the color we chose. I think it will be a little darker with several (2?) coats.

Check out that candy apple red! The original color of the bike. Why would anyone paint over that red with that dull blue? Strange.

Bike goals for this week:
1. Finish sanding
2. Paint
3. Order needed parts

P.S. Wait! It's October already?? How did that happen?


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