Adventures: The Why

Monday, August 22, 2011

The last few months I have posted several posts under the "Provo Life" label without a lot of explanation. For full disclosure, here is the "why" behind our little adventures:

I began to realize that I was having the same problem that people often have, which is not living where we are living. We dream about visiting Ireland, the Keys and Maine, and find ourselves ignoring the many possibilities around us. For a personal example, I lived in Florida for 18 years but never visited any of the islands around the Gulf Coast, or to the Everglades and probably missed out on a lot of little places that I don't even know about. However, I should acknowledge that my parents were insightful enough to take us to amazing places when we were growing up. We went to the beach all the time, I practically learned to potty train at Boat Lake, and we frequented the springs regularly. But looking back, I wish I would have learned more about the places around me before I moved away.

Which brings me to the current topic. Nate and I decided that we didn't want to look back and wish we had experienced more during our "Provo life." We didn't want to look back and realize that we didn't take advantage of everything around us. Luckily Nate was already pretty familiar with what this area of Utah has to offer, so we've had a great start. We walked around downtown Provo, went to Utah Lake in the winter, spent time at the beautiful south campus trail, and got a little more ambitious with hikes etc. We started with Sunday afternoon walks and with our freedom from school (mostly) in the summer, we started doing more weekend activities. Plus, a lot of the stuff we do is free or pretty cheap. And who's not for cheap entertainment? And by posting about all of our little adventures, we hope we help other people in the area learn about places they can visit too!

I have made a list and places to see and things to do in Utah before we graduate in December. Who knows if we'll complete the list, but at least we'll know we have made a real effort. We'll know that we looked for and found the beauty around us. :)

The photo is from our drive on the Mt. Nebo Scenic Byway :)

P.S. We've been married 8 months today! Woo!


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