Adventures: The Unitas Part I

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This past weekend, we took a little trip up to the Wasatch National Forest. It's only an hour northeast of Provo, and some of the most beautiful land we have ever seen. It's right up there with the Mt. Nebo Scenic Byway. Disclaimer: Nate always refers to this area as the "Unitas" which confused me since the National Forest is Wasatch. However, I learned that the name Unitas refers to the mountain range in which the forest resides. Why did they have to make that so confusing?

I have so many photos that I am going to split this in three parts.
More later this week!!

Our first stop was at the Provo River Falls Overlook. Absolutely amazing! I kept thinking, "Are we still in Utah? Are you sure we aren't in Canada??"

Since the river is pretty low this late in the season, we could walk right now to the water. There were several people cooling off with their feet in the water.

The slate have formed natural stairs on each set of falls.

The neon green moss was pretty cool :)

We would like to come back with water shoes and climb up the falls, although we would probably freeze!


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