Mt. Nebo Scenic Byway: Part 2

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Because it was a cloudy day, you can't truly see how amazing these mountains are. So you should just go see them for yourself! Directions here.
See part 1 here.

Yep, totally saw some elk. At this lookout point, a nice country kind of family was also there. They let us use their binoculars. Reminded my of Pa George :)
(As always, click the image to enlarge it)

The tall peak you see here is Mt. Nebo. It's actually 200 feet taller than Mt. Timpanogas. Nate wants to come back and hike it up to the top. Not so sure if I can make it on that kind of adventure.

This is me in the green hood. It was wonderful how chilly it gets up in the mountains!


This what they call the Devil's Kitchen. A real juxtaposition compared to the surrounding scenery. They call it the mini-Bryce Canyon.

I'm sad I didn't get any photos of the cows up here. They have free-range up here (in the national forest) and we had to stop a few times for a herd to cross the road. Reminded me a little of home :)

All photos by Nathan & Lacey Parr :)


  1. Morgan has mentioned that we should hike Nebo...let's all do it together(so you and I have the buddy system going on and can use each other as excuses for water breaks) ;) haha. Seriously, though, it's so pretty down there and so close to home. I didn't realize that until last weekend when we were down there!


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