Adventures: Spanish Fork Canyon

Thursday, August 11, 2011

While cruising through Spanish Fork Canyon last Sunday, we saw an obscure drive.
Let's turn here, I say.
Looks like a driveway he says.
Let's go anyway, I say.
So we did.
And look what we found....

Rolling meadows. Cows. Mountains. Streams. And trees. Oh so many trees!

Don't worry, Phyllis got through here just fine.
A little river running through the road can't stop her!

While we usually don't mind a little trespassing, the signs along this property kept us out.
This was one of, oh about 57billion ones just like it within 2 miles (on the same road).

Cattleguard :)

So we're driving along this gravel road feeling like we are in the middle of somebody's farm when all of a sudden we come across what is pictured above. Without even realizing it, we had made our way into the Uinta National Forest. Sweet.

We stopped along the (still gravel) road to explore a little now that we didn't have to worry about trespassing. Which brings me to the cool thing about National Forests and all public land. Bear with me as I get a little philosophical. It's our land. We all own a little bit of it. That's all.

As we are going deeper and deeper into the woods, I'm thinking, "I'm wearing flip flops, how am I gonna out-run a bear if the need arose?" Well that's when I started heading back to the car. Which is good because Nate then pointed out what looked like a cougar's den. All school spirit aside, I did not want to run into any cougars. So I ran. :)

This is a terrible photo, but I had to share about this massive bull.
This is like a matador bull. HUGE.

The end :)


  1. I love your little adventures! So fun! We need to go on a hike together soon!

  2. Hey can I be there, where yall just went?


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