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Friday, August 12, 2011

I have finally completed summer term! Wahoo! Even though it was only a 6-week term, it felt long! Probably because all the times I was in class or studying these past couple months, Nate has been in and out on his own fun summer adventures. But last night, we celebrated my freedom with an adventure: sailing! More about that next week. But here are some fun things I have found around the web this week:

Never just.

Beautiful little camping adventure.

Amazing public pools.

Sharon, from NYC Taught Me, is getting together donations for strollers for young homeless mothers in NYC. Check it out here.Link
Gorgeous signboard for the home.
Cute little porch makeover.
LinkThis extender slip is going to be one of my projects before fall classes start.

Also this grocery bag project.

Have a lovely weekend!

The photo is of some wildflowers we found on our Mt. Nebo adventure. (Edited using Picnik's
posterize effect.


  1. Hey I blogged about Iceland's Blue Lagoon before! Cool!


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